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Connectives, Literacy, Graphic Organisers

Similes Similes
As good as gold
2208 flashcards over 139 pages
Graphical Organiser Pack Graphical Organiser Pack 
3739 Flashcards over 234 pages
CVC Foldover Cards CVC Foldover Cards
169 CVC words plus instructions
 Bossy E cards
161 cards in Publisher format
Bossy E cards
Punctuation Fans Punctuation Fans 
 Alphabet FansAlphabet Fans
Letter Grid (VicModern) Letter Grid (VicModern)
Good for quick letter reference
 Vowel FansVowel Fans
Letter Grid Outlines (VicModern) Letter Grid Outlines (VicModern)
Trace the letters to complete your own reference resource