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NameMixed YR12 Unit 2 Block A
Description1 week on subtraction
File 1325_Maths Sp2 Block A wk3 sub.doc
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Blisland WeeklyPlanning Sheet for R, 1 & 2 Numeracy Liz Rawlings INFANTCLASS Spring 2 Wk1 (Block A) CT=Teacherfocus TA= additional support is given I =ind


Overview for Y1/2:Y1: relate subtraction totaking away and to counting back.They solve problems,use practical apparatus to model the problem or represent theproblem in a drawing. Later, they count back using a number line,then count back mentally. They explain how they worked out theproblem and record it using the and = symbols.

Y2:add or subtractmultiples of 10 by counting in tens, use n square / jottings.Recognise patterns in examples such as90  20 = 70 and 9  7 = 2use knowledge of number bonds to remember sums and differencesof multiples of 10.Children solve word problems usingany one of the four operations.


Foundation StageObjectives: Begin to relateaddition to combining two groups of objects and subtraction totaking away In practical activities and discussion begin to usethe vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting Use developingmathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems

Linked AdultInitiated Play Activities:

Play with garage andcars how many on top / bottom, altogether

Numbers andoperation signs on magnetic boards.

IzzyIsland ICT mathsgames.

Play snakes andladders as group with Y1.


Objective/ success criteria

M/O andDirect teaching

Upper /Y2

Middle /Y1








(Y1)Ican talk about adding and subtracting.
I can use the signs pluss,- and equalswhen I write addition and subtraction sentences

MO: Sing5 currant buns using number rhyme sack. R startactivity.

Myanswer is 10 what is the question?


Main:Show bus

7 people on 2 wantto get off. How many people will be left. Encourage crn to hold up7 fingers, fold down 2 how many left?

Model on number linestarting at 7 and hopping back 1 hop for each passenger that getsoff.

Write 7 take away 2is 5 who can write that as a number sentence?

Repeat starting with10 people on bus.

Y1 startactivity.


Y2 continue withsome 1 digit from 2 digit subtractions using the numberline.

Use number line tosolve subtraction problems 1 digit from 2 digit.



Use bus to solvesubtraction problems.

Encourage use ofnumber line.



1-12 n track.Show 8 biscuits How many? Find 8 on the ntrack. Place counter on 8.How many if we take 2 away?

Take away 2 andcount how many left Encourage Lucy to count back using the numbertrack.


Lets recordwhat you did today

Show a subtractionpractically who can write the number sentence to show what I havedone?


Look at inverse bydiscussing which calculation will undo the subtraction.

Not achieved:










Other notes /next




(Y2) Ican add and subtract some numbers in my head

I can add and subtract bigger numbers using practical equipment orby writing notes to help me.






MO:Count on and back in 10s using IWB bead string.Remind crn that whenwe count on in tens, we are adding 10 each time, and that when wecount back in tens we are subtracting 10. Show this on beadstring.

Practicesome 1 digit subtractions with fingers use number fans.

Y1 startactivity



I have50p I spend 20p. how much money do I have left? What do we haveto do add, subtract, multiply, divide? Establish subtract. Modelusing the number line / square to subtract the tens.

Repeatfor other examples.

I have68p I spend 30p practice as before.



Solve someworded problems subtracting multiples of ten.



Solve some 1digit subtractions using apparatus or number line.



Read Kippers Toybox.Use box and toys to model take away sums.

There are 5 toys. 2are missing how many left in the box. Use fingers to model andfind answer.

Lets record what youdid today



Show me a subtractionwith the answer of 5 / 10 / 55 etcPairs on whiteboards.

Not achieved:










Other notes /next






Objectiveand Success Criteria

M/Oand Main Teaching

Upper /Y2

Middle /Y1

Lower /Recep






(Y1)Ican talk about adding and subtracting.
I can use the signs pluss,- and equalswhen I write addition and subtraction sentences

Y2 Maths SAT paperwith TA

R: Free play until Y1start activity.



MO: Play 1 more bingo crn write 4 numbers smaller than 10. I call number they crossif they have 1 more than.


Main: Coat hanger - 2one side, 7 another. How many altogether? How did they do it?Reverse how many now? Emp same whichever way. Is it easier towork out 2 and 7 more, or 7 and 2 more? Easier to count on a smallnumber.

Roll 1-10 dice and1-3 dice. Dem adding numbers both ways same answer. Agree quickerto count on from larger number.

Roll again whichway to add? Write as num sentence.

2005 SAT paper. Startin maths time but complete paper after playtime to give children abrain break!

(I will explainformat of paper to children during first activity).



Roll dice, decidewhich way to add. Record number sentence and answer.



Play fishing game Lucy uses net to catch fish. How many? Record Catch more and counthow many altogether. Encourage counting on from the first number.Use a number track to help. Lay fish on if necessary.






Play Prince Charmingaddition and subtraction game choose numbers to make + and 1-probs to match totals.

Not achieved:










Other notes /next






I cansolve a problem or puzzle using adding/subtracting

MO:Sing 10 fat sausages use rhyme sack.

10/ 20s club.


Workthrough the corners activity change to 12 corners with childrenas a group. Have shapes to hand to support. Encourage trial andimprovement but also strategies of known facts / x tablesetc.

Complete 24corners activity record as they wish.


IND CT toobserve.

Complete 12corners activity using shapes to make totals. Use shapestamps.



Draw round shapes ona bag base board to make small totals or use shape stamps.






Y2 - share solutionsand strategies / methods of recording.

Not achieved:










Other notes /next


I canexplain how I solved a problem and say why I did it thatway