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NameYear 4 Poetry, Week 2
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Reid Street Primary School: Weekly English/LiteracyPlan

Reid Street Primary School: WeeklyEnglish/Literacy Plan Class 4B/4W Week Beginning04.02.08


Text(s): A variety ofpoems


Whole class sharedreading/writing

Whole class phonics,spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation

Independentgroup/individual tasks






Recap that poetry needs some combination ofrhyme, rhythm, refrain etc. Stress that it doesnt have to makesense The Jumblies from last week. Read The SoundCollector and On the Ning, Nang Nong before highlightingonomatopoeic words.

Chnto have think-pair/group-share, discussing the highlighted wordsand phrases. If needed, prompt / elicit by drawing attention tosound of words. Discuss how some they have short vowel sounds andhard consonants. Remind chn of different demarcation forpoetry.

Show chn short PowerPoint on Calligrams. Relatethese to onomatopeia one is words that sound like their meaning,the other illustrates this graphically. Chn will create their ownversion of Ning Nang Nong using calligrams on A4 paper.LA to have support to produce one verse AA to dowhole poem using calligrams. HA to incorporate them intorhyming couplets. (Use Tiger Tiger to illustrate thisconcept).

Chnto share both calligrams and finished poems.


Dothey have rhyme, onomatopoeic words etc?

Ican create my own calligrams.


Iknow that poetry needs rhyme, rhythm or repetition.


Chnwill read a variety of poems, identifying the rhyme and rhythm eachtime, referring to vowel / consonant sounds and syllable pattern.Focus specifically on the rhyme hold a short quiz where teacherchooses a word from one of the poems and chn have to suggest a wordthat rhymes with it.

Chnwill create a rhyming dictionary from suggested starting points.Guide them towards using more descriptive synonyms where possible.HA and AA to indicate number of syllables next toeach to assist when writing poetry later in the week. (LAto attempt this with support if appropriate.) Play a short teamgame where one child says a word, e.g. said and teams take it inturns to say a rhyming word. Last team to contribute wins.

I can tell you whichwords rhyme.


I can use a dictionaryand thesaurus to help me spell and find new synonyms.


I can tell you my opinionon a poem and give reasons for this.


Read 3 poems with effective rhythm Macavitys Cat, From a Railway Carriage and PoliteChildren.


Show chn poem maker software and create severalpoems using word lists supplied. Focus on word classes and switchorder from, for e.g., noun, verb, adverb to adverb, verb, noun.Talk about how this affects meaning and rhythm.


Look at several kennings and riddle poems. Howhave the poets created images using words?

Chnwill create kennings / riddle poems describing something orsomeone. Chn must use adverbial phrases. E.g. a teacher kenningpatiently waiting, quietly standing


LA to have adverb bank and support

AA to have adverb bank

HA to work unaided.

Read and share some of the kennings. Have chnincluded adverbs in a way that makes sense? Have they describedsomething or someone accurately and without mentioning the name?Peer, self and teacher evaluation.

Ican write a kenning or riddle poem.


Ican use adverbs to add detail.


Chnwill read a range of poems about the sun and moon, adding any newwords to their rhyming dictionaries. Discuss which they like best,giving reasons and examples from the poem. Remind chn of poetrydemarcation. Look again at Willow and Gingko from last week how could chn create something using this format on the sun andthe moon? Reveal next page on Smart board, with figurativedescriptions of the sun and moon. Chn to brainstorm differentsimiles and metaphors of their own to add to this. Move to nextpage with W&G format and attempt to fit some of thesein.

Shared writing first stanza of The Sun andMoon.


LA to complete this with adult support.

AA to work unaided to complete extra twostanzas.

HA must also create own similes or metaphors.

Read and share some of the poems. Have theyadhered to the format? Have chn used any interesting or novelsimiles or metaphors?

Ican write a poem in the same style as another one.


Ican use similes and metaphors to make my poem moreinteresting.


Shared reading of Please Mrs Butler,Tiger Tiger and Macavitys Cat. Identify why chnlike them or not, giving reasons and examples from the text.

Remind chn of PEE structure for answering readingcomprehension questions make a Point, find the Evidence and Explain what it means.


Chnwill read and complete comprehension questions aboutLAPlease MrsButler, AA Tiger Tiger and HA Macavitys Cat.

Chnto self-assess using thumbs, against success criteria. Were theyable to give good answers? Did they use evidence and give goodexplanations?

I can tell you why I likeor dont like a poem.


Ican read a poem carefully to find details.

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