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| Seating Difficult Students |

1. Place the child in a seat where there is plenty of free space around them - in other words, if they cannot reach out and touch another student, then.. well, they cannot reach out and touch another student.

2. Take a minimalist approach to items on their table. If there are items not in use, put them away so they cannot become projectiles

3. Closely supervise any activities that involve the potential for harm - cooking, art, science

4. If necessary, rearrange the classroom during independant work time so the trouble student is separated from the rest by an item of furniture

5. Delegate different types of activities to different areas of the room. Playing can be done on the mat and work on the table - if you never play at the tables, then students will hopefully develop the habit of not playing at the tables

6. Make furniture and tools accessible to students when they need them, so they do not get frustrated at the restrictions placed upon them. If there is less to rebel against, they will rebel less often.


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