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| How to work the ActivBoard in M201 |

There is an interactive whiteboard in M2.01 and it is an Activboard. To get your own laptop running on this:

1. Install the drivers for Activboard on to your laptop. Get them here

2. Pester the lab guy for the activboard pen.
3. Plug the video input cable into your laptop. It's the one with the blue head.
4. Plug the grey USB cord into your laptop.

At this point, the small icon on your taskbar that used to be a whiteboard with an X on it will now become a whiteboard with a little ActivBoard logo on it.

5. Right click on the ActivBoard icon, and select "Calibrate"
6. Using the ActivBoard pen, on the whiteboard, press on each target as it appears.

This will get the whiteboard familiar with your laptop's screen. Once the calibration is complete, you can use the pen on the screen and it will control the mouse on your laptop. You can still control your laptop's mouse in the usual fashion if you need to take over for fiddly bits.

"Whiteboard programs" are just computer programs that have been developed with the whiteboard in mind.


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