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| Classroom management - What works, what doesn't |

What Works:

* arrive in the classroom before the students do.
* organize and prepare before each lesson.
* insist that everyone be treated with a wholesome respect.
* listen to student opinions and consider their feelings.
* maintain your sense of humour and tolerant attitude.
* assist children to make appropriate choices.
* teach students decision-making skills.
* help students to live with mistakes and take them in stride.
* use a quiet, friendly tone of voice.
* show faith in each child and build on strengths.
* help children to increase their feelings of self-esteem.
* believe that all children are capable and lovable.
* have a low-key, consistent, and matter-of-fact manner.
* use realistic, logical consequences, and enforce them.
* move around the classroom.

What does not work:

* accept excuses, bargain or blame
* act hastily without knowing the implications of actions
* offer "bribes/rewards" for behaviour
* preach, nag, criticize, shout, and threaten
* punish as a way to teach appropriate behaviour
* punish the whole class for the misdeeds of a few
* rescue children rather than teach problem solving skills
* use put-downs, sarcasm, embarrassment, or humiliation


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