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| Classroom Arrangement Checklist |

* Adapted from 'Back off. Cool down, Try Again' by Sylvia Rockwell, 1995


- Clearly marked
- Envelope, pad, pencil for messages
- Space inside for lining up


- Displays at sudents' eye level
- Displays offer class information, instruction & entertainment
- Displays students' works of art
- Schedules posted, kept current, in blocks of time not exceeding 30 minutes
- Broken or malfunctioning outlets have been reported
- Chipped or blemished walls have been reported
- Some open spac eis available


- Desks are appropriate size
- Each student has an assigned seat
- Desks are organised with easy access to materials
- Students have adequate space
- Desks are arranged so each can participate in seatwork
- Desks are arranged so students can see teacher, presentations and the board
- There is a quiet or 'time out' area
- There are areas for distraction-free study

Equipment and Materials

- Stored in a logical order and place
- Readily available
- Inventory sheet maintained for all materials
- Materials and supplies can be stored behind closed doors
- Locked storage is available
- Materials stored close to area of use

Student Records

- Stored at a convenient location
- Orderly


- Temperature control is adequate
- Lighting is adequate


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